— Technical Specifications —

Model No. LEDs Power Lumen
GGLSL 3618(DC) 36 nos. 18W 1500
GGLSL 3620(DC) 36 nos. 20W 1600
GGLSL 6030(DC) 60 nos. 30W 2400
GGLSL 8040(DC) 80 nos. 40W 3200

Pole Dia: 40mm
Beam Angle : 120 degree
Dimensions: 295mm x 135mm x 70mm
Weight : 1.3 Kgs.

  • Introduction: 
    SUN is the power house of universe. It is the ultimate source of global energy which can be utilized directly without disturbing the nature’s cycle. we must harness this source if energy for well being of mankind, nation and the mother Earth. Solar Energy can be made useful in many applications. we find application of solar energy commonly for lighting.
    These systems are suited for urban and rural requirements.


    • Excellent for remote villages.
    • Low maintenance.
    • One time installation. Safe & easy to install.
    • High reliability and durability.
    • Free from noise, smoke and pollution.
    • Silent operation.
    • No fuel Dependence